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Madison Area Independent Sports League


(Revised May 1997)


Article I - Name and Objectives

A. The name of the organization shall be the Madison Area Independent Sports League. Hereafter named MAISL.

B. The objectives are to present a healthy and wholesome opportunity to extend, foster and develop athletics through the principles of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Article II - Purpose

A. Decisions made by the MAISL Executive Board must comply with Diocesan guidelines. The MAISL Executive Board will act as administrative agents on behalf of the schools involved and see that all programs follow Diocesan policy.

B. The Membership Schools charge the MAISL Executive Board with the day to day operation of the league in close cooperation with the membership principals and subject to final approval of those schools

Article III - Membership and Responsibilities

A. Any Catholic parish sponsored Catholic Education program and/or Catholic school team may participate. New membership applications from parish schools or Catholic Religious Education Programs may be admitted by a 2/3 vote of the MAISL Executive Board.

B. Any non-Catholic private or parochial school may apply for MAISL membership. New membership must be approved by 2/3 vote of the MAISL Executive Board. Non-Catholic schools must comply with all Diocesan guidelines.

C. Voting Rights - One (1) vote for each participating school/parish. Commissioners and the Area-3 Principal’s Representative along with some Activity Chairs are ex-officio and can not vote.. The Chair will vote only in the case of a tie. Representation from a simple majority of participating schools/parishes shall constitute a quorum.

D. Responsibilities of the Membership
    1) Attend MAISL Executive Board meetings
    2) Participation on MAISL standing committees
    3) Transfer of information from Board to school, school to Board and school to Commissioner
         including contacting the Commissioner with number of school/parish teams participating in 
        each sport season by the dates set by the MAISL Executive Board.
   4) Insure school/parish compliance to MAISL and Diocesan rules and guidelines.

E. Set a minimum of four (4) meeting dates for the MAISL Executive Board at the beginning of  each school year. 

Article IV - Officers

A. Officers to be selected from the MAISL membership. They are the chairperson and vice-chair. Each elected annually by a majority vote of the MAISL Executive Board.

B. The position of Secretary/Treasurer is a partially funded position. Approval for this position must be by 2/3 vote of the Board. This position will be reviewed annually by the MAISL Executive Board.

C. The chairperson will be responsible for setting an agenda for each meeting and sending the agenda to the secretary at least one (1) week in advance for mailing to the Board and member schools. Members may submit items for the agenda no later than two (2) weeks prior to the meeting. All meetings are open but if an individual wishes to speak to an issue they must contact the  chairperson and request to be placed on the agenda. The chairperson is also to preside at all meetings.

D. The Vice-chair is to preside at all meetings in the absence of the chair.

E. The Secretary will send out agendas one week prior to the meeting, record and type minutes, and send minutes to all MAISL members and member schools. The secretary will be responsible to make phone calls if meetings are changed or canceled.

F. The Treasurer is to monitor a Board approved budget for both Commissioners and to submit an updated budget report to the MAISL membership at each meeting. The Commissioners are to submit bills to the treasurer for payment from a MAISL Executive Board account.

Article V - Standing Committees

A. Members of the MAISL Board are to serve on at least one standing committee per year. They are to meet minimally on a seasonal basis.

B. The following committees are to give monthly reports as to their meetings and recommendations. The commissioners are to work in conjunction with these committees when dealing with the stated intent of the committee.
   1) Scheduling Committee: The committee is charged with the development of the sports
        schedules for each season and reporting the schedule in a timely manner to the 
        MAISL Board and the respective schools.
   2) Policy Committee: This committee is responsible for the annual review of the Bylaws 
        and the promulgation of new policies for the separate seasons . This committee
        is also responsible for the education of the coaches and referees to new and existing athletic
   3) Rules & Grievance Committee: This committee will be responsible for the hearing of 
        concerns from parents and coaches, and together, work with other committees and the
        commissioners to mediate these concerns.
   4) Awards Committee: This committee is responsible for seeing to the purchase of appropriate 
        (based upon existing policies) trophies and awards for each season.

Article VI - Commissioners

A. There shall be a Commissioner for the Girl’s league and a Commissioner for the Boy’s league. These positions shall be a funded position with a salary established annually by the MAISL Executive Board. An Associate Commissioner may be utilized at the suggestion of the Commissioner and upon approval of the Board by a 2/3 vote.

B. Each Commissioner will make arrangements for and obtain use of all facilities and hire officials (referees, umpires, scorekeepers etc.) for all games.


C. The Commissioner of each league is to submit to the treasurer all bills and receive payments for only those bills supported by proper documentation. Payment to officials is to be equal for both Boy’s and Girl’s leagues.

D. Each Commissioner will prepare game schedules (with the assistance of the MAISL Scheduling Committee), keep league statistics, and standings. The commissioners will have all schedules ready and delivered to MAISL Board members and member schools ten (10) days prior to the start of each season and/or round (unless specific dates have been mandated by the MAISL Executive Board). Tournament dates and locations must be submitted with the league schedules, times may be announced later.

E. Each Commissioner (with assistance from the MAISL Awards Committee) is responsible for purchase of awards for each sport.

F. Budget and Billing Procedures:
   1) A tentative budget must be presented and approved by the MAISL Board prior to the
        start of each season. Upon approval of the budget by the MAISL Board, a copy of the approved 
        budget and the appropriate billing is sent to all participating schools.
   2) Payment of bills are due to the treasurer within two (2) weeks of receipt by school.

G. Each Commissioner will be evaluated by the MAISL Executive Board on an annual basis and will be provided with a written copy of said evaluation which is to include spaces for the Commissioner’s comments with regard to the evaluation. The major part of the evaluation is to be based upon administration of league rules and following MAISL Board directives and deadlines. Copies of evaluations with commissioner responses are to be sent to all MAISL members and to all Principals of participating MAISL schools.

H. Rule changes for each season are to be directed to the Policy Committee for discussion and full board for approval before implementation by the Commissioner.

I. Each Commissioner will be contracted on a yearly basis by the Board, subject to yearly evaluation.







Policy and Regulation

Article I - General Guidelines

A. All athletic contests are to be played under WIAA guidelines and the National Rule and Case books. MAISL variations and/or exceptions to these rules will be given to each school and coach at the coach’s meeting prior to the start of each sport season.

B. Player Eligibility
   1) Grades - Grade policies are at the discretion of each school but it is the understanding of the
        MAISL Executive Board that minimum grade standards will be maintained by each participating
   2) Disciplinary Procedures - No student under school disciplinary procedures shall be allowed to
        participate in MAISL activities without the written approval of the school principal and/or parish
   3) A player may move up or down on a roster only once without MAISL Board approval. A student
        may not play down a grade level, example: an 8th grade student can not play on the 7th         
        grade team, a 7th grade student placed on the 8th grade team due to demographics may play
        one (1) game with the 7th grade team without Board approval.
   4) No student may participate in two (2) teams of the same grade level if a school/parish has more
        than one (1) team entered in a MAISL league
   5) The MAISL Board is to vote on any exceptions or rule on any irregularities.

C. A minimum of two (2) weeks must separate the end of a sport season before the start of practice for the next sport season. Start and completion dates will be set by the Commissioners with the approval of the MAISL Executive Board.  Two week dark period between sports may be adjusted with prior approval of MAISL Executive Board.

D. Diocesan guidelines are minimum standards to be followed by all participants in MAISL activities, i.e. member schools & parishes, MAISL Board, Commissioners, officials etc.

Article II - Touch Football, Volleyball and Softball

A. The season is to consist of one (1) round, with a post season tournament after the regular season. Additional rounds may be played if determined prior to the start of the sport  season and with the approval of the MAISL Board.
   1) Football & Softball may not have a league sponsored tournament. This TBD each year

B. The champion will be determined by the best win-loss record and there will be no play-offs in the event of ties.

Article III - Basketball

A. The number of games will be in accordance with Diocesan guidelines (16). "A team is allowed four activities per week including games, practices, and scrimmages of which no more than two (2) may be practices". A week is defined as a calendar (Sunday - Saturday) week.

B. Tournaments - A team may participate in no more than three (3) tournaments during the MAISL season. This rule no longer includes the season ending league tournament, it is three (3) independent events

C. All teams may participate in non-conference games but must fulfill their weekly league obligations first. League games or tournament activities will not be rescheduled for a team to participate in contests outside of the MAISL leagues. Non-conference games count as an activity as outlined in Article III-A.

D. Champions will be determined by the best win-loss record. In the event of ties, co-champions will be named.

E. No team with a lead of fifteen (15) or more points may press. A bench technical will be assessed after one (1) warning if this rule is not followed.

F. Rough play, foul language and abuse of the officials will not be tolerated. A player and/or coach ejected for a second time during a sport season will be under review by the MAISL Board for expulsion from the league for the balance of the season.

Article IV - Penalties for Rule Violation

Player, Coach, Team and/or School/Parish violations will be handled on a case by case basis. They will be forwarded to the Rules and/or Grievance Committees prior to review by the MAISL Board as a whole. Listed below is the approved guidelines relating to rules violations of MAISL and/or WIAA rules.

A. 1st Violation - Verbal warning and/or written reprimand

B. 2nd Violation - Forfeiture of contest in question and possible suspension of individuals involved. Suspended from play in post-season tournament for that sport season.

C. 3rd Violation - Possible forfeiture of entire sport season, reprimand to school with possible suspension of all school teams for that sport season.

D. Flagrant rules violations may necessitate immediate suspensions and require the circumvention of initial penalties.

E. Disciplinary procedures may vary based upon type of violation and severity of  violation.

F. A team/squad that forfeits two (2) or more games/matches during the course of the season may be removed from participation in the "League" end of season tournament.  That team may also be assessed at fine of $250.00 for failure to participate in that event.

Article V - Awards

Trophies for the Boy’s and Girl’s champions are to be of equal size and cost.

MAISL Awards Policy:
   League Champion - Permanent trophy awarded to parish/school
   Tournament Champion - Traveling Plaque to be awarded at completion of tournament play.

Tourney Individual Awards:
5th & 6th Grade Leagues (Volleyball & Basketball)
   1st Place - Blue Ribbon or medal
   2nd Place - Red Ribbon or medal
   3rd Place or Consolation Champion - White Ribbon or medal
   4th Place or 2nd Place Consolation - Green Ribbon or medal

7th & 8th Grade Leagues (Football, Volleyball & Basketball)
   1st Place - Gold Medal w/Blue Ribbon
   2nd Place - Silver Medal w/Red Ribbon  
   3rd Place or Consolation Champion - Bronze Medal w/White Ribbon
   4th Place or 2nd Place Consolation - Bronze Medal w/Green Ribbon


Additional appropriate policy and regulation to be added to this document.
This to be used as a companion instrument to the MAISL Bylaws.

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Policy for the Diocese of Madison

Your School and/or Parish Office will have copies of the Diocese of Madison Policy Handbook available for your review. You can also view a copy online by following the instructions below.

Excerpts from the Diocese of Madison Policy Handbook as they relate to co-curricular activities: DBA 6420 – DBA 6430 & DBA 6450

These policies are shown on the Documents Page for your review and use, feel free to download and print off copies for your use (posted March 19, 2013)