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Updated - December 15, 2017 - 7:12PM CST

    2017- 2018 MAISL Basketball Schedules

Schedule Adjustment Memo for 17-18 Season (posted 12-15-17 at 5:30PM CST)
Click on link for document: https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/17-18 BBall Adj memo.pdf

There have been adjustments to:   5th Boys (get Version 2.0) - 6th Boys - 6th Girls - 7th Girls
Individual League Schedules with adjustments are now shown below -- Click for your copy of the REVISED information

2018 MAISL Basketball Tournament Brackets

Will be posted near the end of the season for review and use
2017 - 2018 Girls Basketball Schedules

5th Grade League - https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/17-18 5-G BBall.pdf

6th Grade League REVISED (12-15-17 - 5:30PM)  https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/2017-2018 MAISL 6th Grade Girls B-Ball Adjusted.pdf

7th Grade League REVISED (12-15-17 - 5:30PM)  https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/2017-2018 MAISL 7th Girls B-Ball Adjusted REV.pdf

8th Grade League https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/17-18 8-G BBall.pdf


2017 - 2018 Boys Basketball Schedules

5th Grade League REVISED Version 2.0 (12-15-17 - 7:12PM) https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/2017-2018 MAISL 5th Grade Boys B-Ball Adjusted 2.pdf
6th Grade League REVISED (12-15-17 - 5:30PM) https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/2017-2018 MAISL 6th Grade Boys B-Ball -Adjusted.pdf

7th Grade Leaguehttps://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/17-18 7-B BBall.pdf
8th Grade Leaguehttps://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/17-18 8-B BBall.pdf


Coaching Resources: Useful websites
Here are a couple of websites that provide a lot of free information about player skills improvement, offense, defense and just great general basketball information not only for new Coaches but seasoned ones as well
USA Basketball (youth) - usab.com/youth
Coach's Clipboard - coachesclipboard.net

MAISL Basketball schedules have been emailed to Principals and MAISL Reps.  We will also post them on the Documents Page under either: Girls Program League Information or Boys Program League Information and as individual schedules under the Sports Schedules tab on the Homepage

Player/Roster "Freeze Date"
No player can be added to a team's roster less than thirty (30) days prior to each league's MAISL End of Season Tournament    If a player is added before that time period we require you to use the Player Substitution/Addition Form available on the Documents Page.  Schools may submit for a "hardship situation" and can be given special consideration by the MAISL Board.

Rules/Policy Clarification
Please take a look at the Rules-Sport Rules Page for clarification on number of non-players on a team bench, t-shirt allowed under basketball jersey and MAISL (diocesan policy) Playing Time Rule.

Additional information and clarification of MAISL Rules and Policies can be found under News/Important Notice-New & Important Info as well as our MAISL FAQ Page